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The Business Card website is a small Internet resource that has about 5-10 pages, and contains basic information about the company's operation. Here you can find the description of the company's activities, services provided, addresses and other contact details. Competent development and creation of a Business Card website allows to increase the recognition and image of the company on the Internet, being a kind of business card of the organization.

What features should be considered when developing a project

To have a positive impact on the visitor, first of all the representative of the company should think about the information content and design of the resource. The information contained on the site should be concise, understandable, and thus extensive for the potential client. In turn, the right design represents convenient navigation, the absence of sharp color transitions and the adequate placement of graphic/information blocks.

Creation of Business Card website includes the following stages of work:

  • A collection of information on the operation of the company, taking into account the wishes of the customer;
  • Development of service design, coordination with the client;
  • Layout, testing, filling the resource with the necessary information.

Also, you should pay attention to some features:

  • For the company it is important to place the following information: company name, date of foundation, main activities, prices, contacts.
  • Design should not be overloaded and characterless, a unique website design is a factor of individuation in the Internet and of the easy brand awareness in the sequel. Therefore, the development should be entrusted to the specialists.
  • The creation of the site may imply its further development and expansion. For example, the presence of information blocks: "News" or "Information section". They will allow you to create new pages and expand the resource in the future.

Cost of the Business Card website and its advantages

The Business Card website is a choice of many companies in Chisinau, as well as other major cities in the world for several reasons:

  • Price. The cost of developing such a service is the most affordable one.
  • Short term of creation. The development of a Business Card website does not take a lot of time, but allows you to get a kind of company's Internet branch.
  • The business card website does not require constant maintenance and updating of the content, so it can perform its tasks for more than one year.
  • The resource can be upgraded in the future.

The Business Card website is considered to be an inexpensive option to create a site of the company. The cost of development depends on the complexity of the graphics used, the number of pages, the presence of additional modules. Therefore, in most cases the final budget is calculated individually.

Where to order a turnkey Business Card website

Development of a Business Card website is one of Our professionals have extensive experience in the field of web programming and improvement of information systems, so the largest company in Moldova and dozens of companies from Europe and America are satisfied with our work.

To apply for a Business Card website creation, click on the appropriate button in this section of our website. In case you have any questions, please, request a callback and our professionals will call you back in the nearest time.

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