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Creation of a corporate website allows to increase the level of credibility of an enterprise on the Internet, and to convey important information about the company's activities to a wider range of potential consumers or clients. The main advantage of such a project is its availability. A corporate website is the best option for those who wants to use the company's budget as efficiently as possible.

What tasks should the resource perform

The development of a corporate website involves the creation of a concise resource, the main purpose of which is to transfer contact information of the company and its main data, for example:

  • Specialization;
  • Company's structure;
  • Prices for some services, current offers for customers, etc. at the discretion of the manager.

Creation of a corporate resource maker sense in the following cases:

  • If the manager does not plan to trade or offer services on the Internet, but wants the information about the company to be present in the network;
  • A company needs a site that is affordable and can be improved and expanded to the limits of a larger service.

As practice shows, corporate website in most cases is an initial step to large-scale development on the Internet.

Development and creation peculiarities

In its structure, the corporate website is somewhat similar to the Business Card website, but it does not focus on the services/products of the company, but directly on the presentation of its activities, history, features and achievements. When you plan to order a corporate website creation, you should clearly define a set of information that must be present on the resource pages. Also, you should define the functional set of the website features in advance. For example, whether it is necessary to place a button "order" or "buy", option "Callback", module "On-line chat", etc. Corporate services often contain PDF-presentations, catalogs in the form of tables, price-lists, information on various wholesale and promotional offers.

After creation of the information base, our professionals create a design-layout, and bring it into operation after coordination with the customer. The future image and formation of the company depends on how correctly the website will be developed.

Cost of corporate website development

Before ordering a corporate site, it is necessary to consider that its cost depends on a number of indicators:

  • Total number of pages;
  • Complexity of the structure and modules of the project;
  • Concept of the visual imagery, published information, quantity of graphic used.

If your company needs to develop a corporate website at a good price, please contact Meta company in Chisinau (Moldova). Our experts are ready to take into account all your wishes, and to start development of the project in the nearest time. To contact us for consultation, request a callback or apply online. In any case our experts will contact you in the nearest time.

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