Outsourcing of IT specialists

Outsourcing (formed from the English words ‘out’ and ‘source’) is a way of engaging employees from another company to fulfil certain required functions. This kind of recruitment is very popular in Western countries and helps to correctly distribute assignments of the fulltime employees to relieve them from fulfilment of difficult works or of works not complying with their qualifications. The IT-outsourcing services contribute to the settlement of many problems related to the optimisation of an available staff schedule, to mitigation of labour dispute risks or to the improvement of company budget operations.


A company outsourcing IT-professionals does not have any legal relations directly with the engaged personnel. Formally, such employees are still on record at their previous place of work, but as a matter of fact, they fulfil the tasks of another company. The outsourcer company providing the personnel assumes the duties related to fulfilment of labour laws, salary payments and payments of required taxes and deductions.

The outsourced IT-personnel still do not leave their workplaces in the majority of cases. Such professionals still fulfil the functions that are common to them, however, they already work for a new company.


Outsourcing of the IT-personnel contributes to settlement of a wide range of tasks, including:


  • assurance of real correlation between the labour force and the actual scope of works
  • reduction of financial and administrative loads on the company
  • improvement of human resource management
  • reduction of loads on the HR department
  • reduction of loads on the accounting departments
  • optimisation of the company’s activities
  • reduction in the number of fulltime employees
  • reduction of the probability of labour dispute occurrences
  • reduction of the probability of occurrence of personnel
  • related insured events


The majority of IT-outsourcing agreements are concluded for a long term, thus contributing to guaranteed stability of fulfilment of certain kinds of works.

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