1C в облаке

1C on Cloud drive

1C database placement on the cloud service is a simple and convenient solution for your comfortable work. META Group of Companies offers you an opportunity to have an unlimited access to your database at any time and from any devices. The most popular solution – ‘1C: Accounting’ computerising the accounting and fiscal activities – will now be always available for you in the online mode.



The cloud service allows our clients to use promptly their own database to the fullest extent. It will be enough only to enter your login and password, so you will have at your disposal all your ‘1C: Accounting’ data you have uploaded before. You can change, add, delete or improve such data: we have no limitations for your work!

We have been present on the market for many years now and we understand very well the value of the data you store. Our data storage servers are located at special data centres, which may be accessed only by a very limited scope of persons. The data you store on our servers may be viewed and corrected only subject to entering the right information confirming your right to access such a database. Daily backup of your database will preclude you from losing any data.



The cloud technologies unveil ample opportunities for optimisation of your 1C accounting and recording activities. Buying and setting up a standard solution will be for you much more expensive, rather than using a fully functional cloud services. Besides this, cloud storage also has multiple advantages, inclusively:


  • no need for outsourcing the specialists;
  • no time and workplace referencing;
  • high level of stored data security;
  • prompt routine update of the software;
  • qualified technical support of the users.


META Group of Companies, which is an official 1C Firm representative in the Republic of Moldova, offers the full range of services for purchase, installation, setup and access to all software options.

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