1C: Retail

Experience shows that in a small trade environment, or even in large network sales, not all managers can afford expensive computer networks, nor are they able to adequately optimise the product control. In such cases, the programme for automation of sales processes is an ideal solution and the most popular one among entrepreneurs is considered to be 1C Retail.

‘Retail for Moldova’ configuration: functional features

1С Retail is installed on the POS, and it is used as a program for working with customers, i.e. for sales recording sale and checks printing, during the main working hours of the store. After the store is closed, the program allows you to receive a sales report for a day or other period, and to check the receipt and retail prices. 1C: Retail 8 has the following features:

  • An intuitive management system that can be customised to the individual features of the outlet.
  • Possibility to activate the special conditions for sales implementation: discounts, promotions, bonus systems, etc.
  • Ensuring full control of commodity accounting and pricing, as well as the possibility of registration of orders to suppliers.
  • A large selection of reporting to produce analytical information about the store operation.
  • The 1C: Retail 8 features allow you to systematise sales, regardless of the type of trading equipment used, and to organise your work with suppliers.

The 1C: 8 Benefits

The important benefit of System 1C is its flexibility, which manifests in the possibility to use the software in a wide range of tasks from the order of products from the vendor to the sale and printing of the check. In addition, the system allows to significantly save on personnel and to accelerate working processes within retail outlets, because its speed is high enough. Besides this, the goods flow accounting using the 1C: Retail 8 is:

  • simple interface, which provides the quick learning of the program on the part of staff;
  • integration with other types of products of 1C series, as well as KMM equipment;
  • flexibility, reflected in accessibility improvements of the program to the needs of the store and in accordance with the wishes of the headship;
  • possibility of integration in trade of any scale, inside small shops or trading networks;
  • presence of the ‘distribution of bases’ function is a guarantee of the correct operation of the cash registers in the absence of the Internet and other force majeure circumstances.

Available cost of the configuration is also attractive to the heads of the stores. However, you will be able to check this in the near future. 1C Retail in Chisinau is offered by our META company. For this, you need to contact us at the telephone number listed on the website, or fill in the online form.

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