1C: Enterprise

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine the operation of enterprises without automated programmes that allow to organize control over the activities of employees and the company as a whole. One of the most relevant and logically developed program is 1C: Enterprise.

The series of the 1C: Enterprise: scope of application

The flexibility of the program settings allows you to use it in a variety of ways:

  • Automation activities. It is acceptable to use configuration in budget, commercial, financial enterprises, companies working in the service sector, etc.
  • Implementation of management tasks. After purchase of the 1C: Enterprise 8 most managers use it to track the work of subordinate units.
  • Implementation of tasks assigned to accounting and regulated accounting. Possibility of changing the settings in this direction for the peculiarities of the enterprise operation.
  • Analytics. Possibility for managers and employees having specific access to generate analytical reporting for different periods.
  • Calculation of salaries and other payments. Possibility to generate reporting and payroll accounting records for employees.

Introduction features

The introduction of the 1C program is carried out in several steps. The first step is a project survey of the company, involving a thorough study of its operation, taking into account the wishes of management and the allocation of employees who will have access to certain functional categories of 1C.

The second step is the design and modelling of the system for the needs of the enterprise. A technical layout of the program is created in accordance with the necessary settings, the required functionality is specified.

Only after this, the introduction and testing of the program on the enterprise worksite can be considered to be the final step. As a rule, the company that introduces the program undertakes the subsequent consulting services for working with 1C and maintenance of the program.

1C: Enterprise 8

One of the main benefits of the 1C: Enterprise is the user-friendly and intuitive interface and the possibility to quickly obtain almost any information about an operating enterprise.

The activity of the company is almost irrelevant, thanks to the flexible configurations, this version of the 1C is easily adaptable to different operating conditions.

An important thing is the availability of various application solutions for the 1C: Enterprise system. This means that companies using the system can introduce different subsystems from the 1C environment. In addition, the price of the program is optimal, taking into account its broad functionality.

1C: Enterprise program cost

In Chisinau (Moldova), you can buy 1:C Enterprise from our company. META offers affordable software costs, as well as full support from specialists. For the first consultation, contact our online experts by filling out the form or by telephone numbers presented on the web site.

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