Individual development

At the moment 1C is a software standard designed to monitor sales, management, warehousing and other business activities. However, the introduction of 1C automation in most cases requires considering the individual features of the company's work. This applies to both to the type of accounting subjects and the frequency of monitoring, the complexity of the reports being prepared and other nuances. In such cases, the development of 1C under the requirements of the manager will be the best solution for prospective development.

Our company will be able to offer you the development of 1C powered by 8.2 and 8.3 platforms, as well as to offer you information on the features of software introduction for individual requirements.

1C Development Services: opportunities for enterprises

Improvement in 1C is necessary in those cases when the typical capabilities of the program do not meet the needs of the business. Developing individual configurations, the company is given the opportunity to:

  • create reports on individual forms;
  • modify document forms;
  • modify accounting reports to suit company’s own requirements;
  • receive new forms for the preparation of external reports;
  • modernize payroll system, etc.

By properly developing software configurations, the company will be able to significantly reduce the time for reporting, analysis of the enterprise activity and other tasks.

1C development principles

For the individual development of 1C to be most effective, the work of our experts is divided into several stages:

  • Audit. Activities aimed at the study and analysis of the enterprise activity. Results obtained make it possible to create the most accurate structure of the program, which will take into account the specifics of the enterprise work.
  • System introduction scheduling. Programming in 1C is implemented in accordance with the schedule. In most cases, it is a Gantt chart system that allows you to visualize the stages of certain types of work. Usually the minimal period of introduction is 7 months.
  • Introduction. Each module is implemented separately and involves intermediate, final testing, training of the responsible person.

Development of 1C configuration is performed with participation of experts of different fields: single- discipline experts, programmers, consultants, and a supervising manager for the project monitoring.

Development Cost in Meta

The cost of the individual development of 1C depends on many different factors: requirements of the customer, peculiarities of the enterprise activity, etc. Typically, the minimum budget is 5,000 Euro; this amount pays for itself in the first months after introduction.

Professional development of the 1C system in Chisinau (Moldova) at an affordable price is one of the services offered by our company, which you can order online. We are ready to offer this servise to the enterprises that already have ready-made software, as well as to the companies that are in need a full- fledged development.

Make an inquiry right now by filling out a special form on this page or contact our experts by any means available. In the shortest time possible we will calculate the necessary budget and will start the execution of work.


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