1C: Trade Management

1C Trade Management is application-dependent software intended for the implementation of process management functions within wholesale and wholesale-retail enterprises.

Configuration belongs to the new generation of management solutions, easily implemented in systems of any complexity. This software is actively used in the area of warehouses in a network of large trading companies, retail venues, regardless of the type of activity.

What tasks does the 1C program perform?

1C: Trade Management 8 for Moldova allows to provide complex automation of functions of realization, control and management of trading activity. The configuration allows you to analyze a certain period of work of the enterprise, as well as to carry out planning in relations with counterparts. In particular, in comparison with 1C: Trade and Warehouse 7.7, this solution allows to:

  • Store information about customers, as well as to provide reports or otherwise transmit information about the nature and content of the customer base.
  • 1C: Enterprise 8 Trade management in its structure implies the development of the "sales management" subsystem. Due to its functionality, it is possible to organize the control over turnover and realization both in natural (object of realization) and in monetary equivalent.
  • Procurement control and management. The subsystem allows you to store and create orders for suppliers in a convenient way for the merchant enterprise. The section also has a calendar of purchases, sales plans, consumer orders.
  • Pricing policy. 1C: Enterprise 8: Trade Management configuration for Moldova has a section on prices. The subsystem allows you to analyze the cost of products from different suppliers and choose the most optimal solutions for replenishing the base.
  • Analysis. The system presupposes the presence of a section that allows you to prepare reports of any complexity for different periods. For example, you can prepare reports on incoming goods in 1C: Trade Management for the quarter, year, month, turnover for similar periods, etc.

The program also allows you to control and perform banking and cash transactions with the extract of documents of any form approved in the field of retail and wholesale-retail relations. Therefore, the system is often introduced to cash registers, to the working computer of the storekeeper, etc. with different operating systems. 1C Enterprise 8: Trade Management also involves the ability to customize management and some functions for the needs of the company: removing duplicate information, restricting access depending on the position of the employee, etc. Unloading of any data is done in the form of XML, information can be submitted in paper form.

Configuration introduction

Introduction of the program into the structure of the company is carried out by experienced specialists, the process is implemented in several stages:

  • In the first, we get acquainted with the enterprise, determining the purpose of introducing the configuration and experience of the company's employees with a series of "1C"; programs.
  • Setting up 1C: Trade Management. The data is completed, the information necessary for the operation is entered.
  • Testing. The software is put into operation in the test mode, all the specified functions and capabilities are checked.

1C Enterprise 8: Trade Management: where to buy the software

If you plan to buy and introduce 1C: Trade Management in Chisinau, our company is ready to provide the necessary assistance. We offer a full range of services, while ensuring that the price will be affordable for your budget.

If you want, you can send an online application right away. If you have any questions, please contact our specialists at the numbers listed on the site, or request a return call.

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