1C: Бухгалтерия

1С: Accounting 8 for Moldova is software that allows you to maintain automated accounting and perform various accounting functions within the accounting department at the company. Through the versatility and possibilities of configuration changes, accounting program 1C allows you to stay on your system of taxation. It is fully adapted to the current legislation of Moldova.


According to the order of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Moldova No. 119 dated August 6, 2013, general accounting standards have been introduced in the territory of the state. In this regard, the 1C: Accounting program was developed, where the subtleties and nuances of legislation have already been taken into account. Configuration of the 1C: Accounting is suitable for operation within companies, performing their activities in the following areas:

  • Trade (trade networks, wholesale warehouses, commission trade, etc.);
  • Companies offering services to the public;
  • Production, operating on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

Introduction features

To ensure the effective introduction of software, experienced professionals perform this work in stages.

  1. Preparatory stage. Identification of priority processes of the company, characteristics of output and input information, external relations and the nuances of reporting. At this stage the persons who will have access to the structure of the program should be defined.
  2. Design creation. Implies the imposition of the company's processes on the program functionality.
  3. Demonstration and approval of the design. Presentation of the appearance and functionality of the introduced 1C: in the full scale, but in the test version.
  4. Finalization, adjustment, final introduction of the program and staff training.

Functions of 1C: for accounting

1C: Accounting is an economical and affordable solution for companies and industries. Its configuration has a wide range of functions, designed for introduction in the following areas:

  • Document creation. Automate tracking of the material assets movement within the company or to the clients. Preparation of the cash documents (advance payments, credit or debit tickets), bank tickets and applications of receipts and write-offs. In a short time, configuration of the 1C: Accounting accurately reflects the movement of fixed assets and intangible assets within the company. A separate subsystem of the program ensures the calculation and fixing of the salaries hand out, it also allows preparing an order for employment and performing other personnel operations. At the same time, 1C: reflects the production objectives of the enterprise, which are direct, indirect costs and costing.
  • Reporting. The material asset movement, the register of purchases/sales, as well as the ability to monitor the turnover for any time period starting with one day. To work effectively with contractors, 1C: allows you to prepare acts of acceptance and information about accounts receivable/payable.

An authorized employee with the access to 1C: Accounting will be able to display the movement of the document on the system registers or prepare reports of any complexity.

Additional features

Among the additional features provided by the 1C: Accounting, it should be noted the accounting of tires and batteries - their registration and write off, as the fixed assets of the enterprise.

For users of this configuration, it is also possible to download the exchange rate to the system from the Internet, classifiers (by banks, professions, etc.). Accounting 8 can be adapted to work with almost any cash register, which significantly reduces labor costs. In addition, the functionality of the program has the easy-made reporting forms approved at the legislative level.


The affordable cost of 1C: Accounting determines its popularity among Moldovan companies. Among other advantages of the configuration we should note:

  • Affordability. Significantly reduces labor costs.
  • Ease of operation. Intuitive interface and the possibility of mastering the system by an employee with any experience.
  • Rapidity. High speed of reporting and documentation generation within the given functionality allows to reduce the amount of time for manual work. In addition, 1C allows you to automatically generate reports for the tax inspection, social and medical insurance funds in both paper and electronic form.

How to Buy 1C: Accounting

You can buy 1C: Accounting in our Meta company in Chisinau. Our specialists are ready to provide you 1C: Accounting on favorable terms:

  • Promptly;
  • At the best price;
  • With the possibility of consulting support.

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