1C program

The specific configurations are used to cope with most commonly faced business situations and accounting operations. The configuration are being created based on experience of thousand entreprises and national accounting standarts.

Most popular configurations:

  • Accounting Suite
  • Trade Management
  • Enterprise Management
  • Manufacturing Enterprise management
  • Retail

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1C Individual development

Individual development

For large companies, we create from scratch individual 1C configurations in order to maximize the compliance with the specifics of the implemented organization.

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Maintenance and customizations

After the implementation process, you will need a full support of all applied solutions. It helps customers developing the product whilst meeting all their maintenance needs and get an immediate support if necessary.

Medium 15 hours/450 euro
Extra 30 hours/840 euro
Premium 45 hours/1170 euro
Golden 75 hours/1800 euro
Platinum 105 hours/2310 euro

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Advice line

From 9:00 to 18:00 multichannel advice line works for our customers. Call telephone No: (+373 22) 857 157.

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1С Advice line

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