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Group of companies "META" was founded in 2006 and today is a leader in the field of information technology in Moldova.

Our desire is to make you enjoy our work. Our products fully comply with this mission. We are ready to help you:

1. To carry out the audit of business processes and automate whatever can be automated on the base of 1C platform.
2. To install and help you to figure out all 1C configuration.
3. To create the best website for you which would draw the attention of the clients to your remarkable products and services. 
4. To promote your website in search engines and  social media so that the people of Chukotka will know about you.
5.  To take care about your moody equipment,  to configure remote server and IP-telephony.

Group of companies "META" can save your time and efforts due to integration of these tracks and providing turn-key services.

You will gain everything you need for the successfull maintenance of your business by contacting us.

Business - It's easy! Accounting - It's a game! Enjoy pleasure in your work with "Meta" products .



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