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Christmas discount


Dear Clients!

Group of companies Meta offers Christmas sale on all 1C services. Only until 31st of December dial 0 (22) 857-157 to get 20.17 % off.


Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


For more information please call telephone No.: 022 857-157

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Choose one of the configurations developed on the 1C platform:
Typical configurations
Specialized configurations
Implementation and training

Implementation and training


You have acquired a suitable 1C configuration and it is the time to order one of the packages of the programs adaptation to the specifics of your organization. This makes it possible to maximize the automation of processes.


The package includes:


  • Telephone advices
  • The modifications in the program
  • Maintenance




We offer the following packages of implementation and training:



  • 1С Medium 300 евро Medium 
    300 еuro
  • 1С Extra 600 евро Extra 
    600 euro
  • 1С Premium 800 евро Premium
    800 euro
  • 1С Golden 1200 евро Golden 
    1200 euro
  • 1С Platinum 1500 евро Platinum 
    1500 euro

We offer the following maintenance packages:
For typical configurations
For specialized configurations

    • 3 months

      2500 MDL

    • 6 months

      4500 MDL

    • 12 months

      8000 MDL


    Maintenance includes the updates of the regulated reporting forms and advice line.


Individual development

For large companies, we create from scratch individual 1C configurations in order to maximize the compliance with the specifics of the implemented organization.

1C Individual development
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The 1C server

The 1C server

After purchasing the program, you need to select the location of the database. It is very important that the data is safe. The remote server will solve this problem for 1200 MDL per month.  

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Advice line

From 9:00 to 18:00 multichannel advice line works for our customers. Call telephone No: (+373 22) 857 157 More information about advice line.

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1С Advice line

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